Our Sauvignon Blanc/Colombar blend 2002 brought us our first award since bottling our own wine (2002). This bronze Veritas Award made us very proud and drove us to greater heights.

At the 2005 Veritas Awards, our Red Muscadel received a Silver Medal and our 2004 Cabernet/Merlot Blend was selected as the Wine Magazine's Best Value for Money Wine during their September Issue.

At the 2006 Veritas Awards, our Muscadel received a Silver Medal.

At the 2012 Robertson Wine Valley Young Wine Show we received a Bronze Award for our Colombar and a Bronze for our Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our 2004 Chardonnay and Muscadel got Bronze Medals at the 2004 Young Wine Show. The Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend got a Silver Medal at this same show.

At the 2005 Young Wine Show we received a Bronze Award for our red Muscadel 2004 and a Silver Award for our Colombar 2005.

At the 2006 Robertson Wine Valley Young Wine Show our Merlot was crowned champion!



Cabernet / Merlot 2008:
Michael Angelo 2010 Silver, Best Value 2011

Sauvignon Blanc 2010: Best Value 2011

Red Muscadel 2009: Best Value 2011

Distell "Petit" Wine Producer of the year 2013

2015 Young Wine awards:

1 x Bronze medal for Sauvignon Blanc
1 x Bronze medal for Colombar
2 x Gold medal for Muskadel
Muskadel was also overall winner in it’s category

Wolvendrift are still aiming higher for greater quality and results!