The Mystery

The name is as old as the picturesque mountains surrounding the farm, has been in the Klue family for more than 100 years and the love and devotion to the noblest art of all, that of blending a special wine, has been carried over from father to son for four generations

Wolvendrift Farm is 100ha in size of which 70% consist of white wines and 30% of red wines. Wolvendrift will stick to its policy of high quality wines not only for the South African market, but the international market as well.

“I Believe that enthusiasm releases the drive to carry us over obstacles and adds significance to all we do, and that the same drive urge us to connect to nature and reminds us of our abilities to perceive quality. Nature is timeless, provides, enhance peace and is constantly changing and if that is combined with passion, character, insight and vision it reminds us of the opportunity to strive towards quality & excellence.”

On the luscious banks of the Breede River lies a farm where the art of winemaking is a proud family tradition.

Wacky Wine Weekend



The White Cultivars

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.

The Red Cultivars

Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot.

Dessert Wines

Red Muscadel


Family in vineyard

Wacky Wine 2008

Tasting wine

We offer different types of entertainment. Come Enjoy these events with family and friends.